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Improvi ng the performance of the Elementary school education is the most important challenge in elementary education. This is because of the fact that they play an important role in the educational system. Although efforts have been made to improve the quality of teachers, yet little has been achieved in this regard. When we talk about the materials they teach, their teaching skills and motivation levels , it is felt that much is to be done. Therefore some broad strategies have been taken up for the development and strengthening of teachers education by setting up Teacher Education Institutes.

With a view to restructuring and reorganizing of Elementary Teacher Education in our State, District Institutes of Education and Training (DIETS) have been set up in all the Districts of the State to provide academic and resource support to elementary school teachers. District Institute of Education and Training, therefore serve as per needs of the district at its capacity. In the Ri Bhoi District of Meghalaya, the District Institute of Education and Training has been set up at Saiden, Nongpoh and was inaugurated on 8th of July,2003 by the then Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Shri D.D. Lapang.

1. Details of the Institution:

1.1 Name of the Institute District Institute of Education & Training
1.2 Date of Establishment: 8th July 2003
1.3 Complete Postal Address Saiden Village, P.O. Nongpoh,
Block: Umling
District: Ri Bhoi, Meghalaya – 793102
1.4 Telephone No. 03638-232009
1.5 Nearest Railway Station Guwahati (distance 60 kms).
1.6 Nearest town Nongpoh (distance 4 kms).
1.7 Nearest bus stand distance from the institution 4 kms.
1.8 Distance from the capital city 51 kms.
1.9 Type of Institution:

1.10 Status of Institution: Non-Minority

2. Management:

a Government owned: State Government
b Government aided: -
c Self-financial: -
d University Department: -

3. Details of the course applied for:

3.1 Level of the course: Elementary
3.2 Name of the Teacher Education Course: Diploma in Education
3.3 Duration of the course: 2 Years
3.4 Whether to be conducted in face to face or distance mode: Face to face
3.5 Proposed Intake: 50 (fifty)
3.6 Academic Session from which the course will be conducted: February to December
3.7 Details of the Affiliating Body Name:

Directorate of Educational Research and Training (DERT)

Address/Tel./Fax No.:
Postal Address: Arbuthnot Road,
Laitumkhrah, Shillong
Meghalaya – 793011

Telephone Nos.: 0364 – 2233752, 0364 – 2537379
Fax No.: 0364 – 2233752

4. Land

4.1 Land Area in Sq. m: 9494.96 sq. mts
4.2 Whether the title of the land is on ownership basis: Title of the land is on ownership basis
4.3 Title of the land is on lease. As per law
4.4 Duration of the lease. -
4.5 Land use certificate obtained for Educational Institution: -

5. Building

5.1 Construction of the building is complete Yes
5.2 Building is yet to be constructed No
5.3 Building is fire safety-proof Yes
5.4 Building is disabled-friendly No
5.5 Common room for boys/girls available Yes
5.6 Date of completion of the building: 22nd April 2003
5.7 Covered area in Sq. mt.: 1516.38 sq. mts
5.8 No. of classrooms 4 (four)
5.9 Other facilities Edusat Room

6. Library

6.1 The Library has separate reference section/journalsection and reading room. Yes
6.2 No. of books in the Library: 1500
6.3 Total Number of Educational Journals/Periodicals being subscribed: 20
6.4 Numbers of encyclopedias available in the Library: 10 sets
6.5 Number of books available in the reference section of the Library: 400
6.6 Seating capacity of the reading room of the Library: 20

7. Instructional Facilities

7.1 Details of laboratories available: List of items enclosed
7.2 Arrangement made for practice teaching: Since the DIET does not have its own practicing school, arrangement for practice teaching is made in collaboration with the existing nearby schools.
7.3 Number and Name of School(s) for Practice teaching:

5 (five) school

  1. Saiden Government U.P. School, Saiden.
  2. Alpha English School, Nongpoh
  3. Ri Bhoi Presbyterian Higher Secondary School, Nongpoh
  4. St. Paul’s Secondary School, Nongpoh
  5. Christian Secondary School, Nongpoh


8.1 (a)Details of proposed teaching staff: Done at the Directorate level.

(b) Details of the appointed teaching staff are given below:


Following is the educational profile of the faculty member of the Diet
Nongpoh,Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya:

Sl.No Designation Name Qualification Professional Qualification Other information
1 Principal Lying vacant - - -
2 Vice-Principal Lying vacant - - -
3 Senior Lecturer(Physics) Mr. Banphira Nongrum M.Sc. B.Ed -
4 Lecturer in Chemistry Ms. Arreelin Gatphoh M.Sc B.Ed. -
5 Lecturer in Botany Mrs. Ramellind Kynta M.Sc B.Ed -
6 Lecturer in Zoology Mrs. Synshar Shullai M.Sc B.Ed. -
7 Lecturer in Education Mr. Elevenstone Synrem M.A.,
8 Lecturer in Khasi (MIL) Mr. Oversharp Rapsang M.A.,
B.Ed -
9 Lecturer in English Mrs. Daritimai Lyngskor M.A.,M.Phil B.Ed  
10 Lecturer in Geography Mrs. Medarishisha Diengdoh M.A B.Ed  
11 Lecturer in History Mrs. Rashmi Mary Laloo M.A B.Ed NET
12 Lecturer in Political Science Mrs. Kyntiew
Akor Suchiang
M.A B.Ed  
13 Lecturer in Economics Ms. Thirbhalin Syngkon M.A. B.Ed  
14 Lecturer in SUPW Mr. Satiram Bamon MA BEd  
15 Lecturer in Mathematics Lying vacant      

8.2 (a)Details of proposed non-teaching staff: Done at the Directorate level.
(b) Details of the appointed non-teaching staff is given in the following table:


Sl. No.






Head Assistant
Statistical Assistant
Library Assistant

L.D.A. cum typist

Smt. Benida Kharbangar
Smt. Icymon Velus Khongsit
Smt. Feby Sweet Chen

Smt. Drilsida Lamare
Shri. Twellington Syngkli
Smt. G. Wissidoris Nongshli
Shri. Anthony Maiong

M.Lib & Informative
VIII Passed
IX Passed
IX Passed

9. Facilities for games and sports YES NO
9.1O wn Playground/village playground
9.2 Playground of another institution on sharing basis
9.3 Gymnasium/Multipurpose hall
9.4 Facilities for gymnasium
9.5 Facilities for athletics
9.6 Facilities for Indoor Games
9.7 Facilities for Outdoor Games

10.Other facilities available: YES NO
10.1Canteen facilities available or not
10.2Medical facilities available or not
10.3Hostel facilities available or not


Branches in the District Institute Education Teachers

Sl. No.










Pre-Service Teacher Education

In-Service, Field Interaction and Co-
ordination (IFIC)

Planning & Management (P&M)

Curriculum Material Development &
Evaluation Branch (CMDE)

District Resource Unit, Adult Education,
Non Formal Education (DRU-AE-NFE)

Educational Technology Branch (ET)

Work Experience (W.E)/Art of Healthy &
Productive Living (AHPL)

Shri. B. Nongrum & Smt. M. Diengdoh

Shri. E. Synrem, & Smt. K. Suchiang

Shri. E. Synrem & Smt. T. Syngkon

Smt. A. Gatphoh & Smt. D. Lyngskor

Shri. O. Rapsang, Smt. R.Laloo &
Smt. S. Shullai

Smt. R. Kynta & Shri. S. Bamon

Shri. S. Bamon & Shri.B.Nongrum

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