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Adolescence is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. This is a very crucial stage, since these are the formative years in the life of an individual when major physical, psychological, and behavioural changes takes place. This is also the period of preparation for undertaking greater responsibilities. The future of a society depends on adolescents and they form a great resource for the society. Today, the risk of HIV infection is one of the major problems facing young people .It is, therefore, felt necessary to equip the youth with relevant informations and skills so as to enable them to handle the life situations .In this context, it is proposed by the Government to introduce an adolescence education programme at the school level .Moreover, a plan of action is made to train the teachers of Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools in every district. However, in order to facilitate the programme in a phase -wise manner, a one day Advocacy meeting on adolescence education was held on the 2nd February 2006.The objective of the programme is to sensitise the need of adolescence education in the school level.

The meeting was inaugurated by Shri C.B. Syiem, MDC, Nongpoh, who appreciated the efforts taken by the DIET, Nongpoh, to organize such a programme. Among others who were present in the meeting were Shri H.M. Thabah, Inspector of Schools, Ri-Bhoi District, Rev. Fr.J. Celia, Director of Donbosco Youth Centre, Shri B. Dkhar, Counsellor of New Hope Centre, Shillong and Smti. A. Dkhar of Nazareth Hospital.

Besides, there were participants which includes the Heads and Teacher of the Higher Secondary Schools representing from the three Blocks of the District.

The meeting was deliberated in three sessions by different Resource Persons.

SESSION I - Sex Education and Problems confronted by an Adolescent.
Rev. Fr.J.Celia.

SESSION II - Addiction related to an Adolescent.
Shri. B.Dkhar, New Hope Centre, Shillong.

SESSION III - HIV/ AIDS and Adolescent Health.
Smti. A.Dkhar, Nazareth Hospital, Shillong.


We are now living in a complex world. The complexity in today's world is mainly due to information explosion, technology explosion, population and so on. This in turn, has affected the different aspects in the life of the people and specially the youths. The youths are facing many adjustment problems like emotional, personal, social and intellectual adjustment. Because of this, youths have fallen prey to anxiety, feeling of insecurity, sex-related issues, alcohol and drug addition, involvement in anti-social activities and so on. In order to check this, Guidance and Counseling services can play an important role in developing a positive attitude, self- concept and hence acquire a psychological make up for their holistic growth and development. In this context, it is felt that there is a need to create an awareness among the teachers and the students of the Ri-Bhoi District.

Therefore a Two-Day Orientation Programme was organized by the D.I.E.T. Saiden for the District Key Resource Person in Guidance and Counselling on the 15th & 16th February 2006.In this programme Resource Persons were invited to share their specific areas.


Co-curricular activities are a part and parcel for the all-round development of a child. In tune with this, various co-curricular activities are conducted throughout the year for the Teacher Trainees. In brief, the co-curricular activities conducted are as follows:

  1. Observation of School Assembly : The Teacher Trainees under the supervision of the Lecturers made a visit to some schools for observation of school assembly and gave a report on their observation.
  2. Specimen Collection : The Teacher- Trainees made some Specimen collections on bottle specimens of some animals, seed collection of different plants, rock collection .
  3. D.I.E.T. WEEK : The DIET Week was organized from 3rd - 7th October 2005 . During the DIET Week various Programmes were organized which included Indoor as well as Outdoor activities.


  1. Carrom Board Competition.
  2. Painting Competition.
  3. Fancy Dress Competition.
  4. Flower Arrangement Competition.
  5. Quiz Competition.
  6. Debate Competition.
  7. Singing Competition.
  8. Skit Competition.


  1. Athletic Events for both Men and Women.
    • Race - 100 m.
    • Race - 200 m.
    • Relay Race- 100m x 4.
    • Sack Race.
    • Three-Legged Race
    • Throws : Shot put.
    • Javelin.
    • Jumps : Long jump.
  2. Musical Chair.
  3. Tug of war.

(c) Ms.DIET and Mr.DIET contest.


Teaching-learning process should not be restricted to the four walls of the classroom. It should go beyond that. The teacher and the taught feel handicapped at times when certain informations and experiences are to be provided. Therefore, Educational Tours or field trips help to achieve this objective and should be included in the teaching programmes. In this connection, the DIET, Saiden had organized an educational tour to the main reservoir and pumping station of the Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme and Sacred Grove at Mawphlang on the 24th Nov.2005. The teacher-trainees gathered a lot of first hand knowledge and experience of the places they had visited.


Christmas is a Christian Festival which is celebrated by the world over. The DIET, Saiden had also organized a Pre-Christmas Celebration on the 19th of December 2005, where the Principal, the Lecturers and the Trainees celebrated together.

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