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Programmes & Schemes

D.I.E.Ts are expected to become models for other educational institutions in the districts in terms of meticulous, efficient and effective planning and execution of functions, harmonious and creative organizational climate, maintenance of a clean and attractive campus, etc. DIETs are the nodal institutions for improving quality of elementary education in the district. Every DIET has to perform three types of functions as envisaged in the Programme of Action (NPE 1986).

They are:-

  • Training and orientation.
  • Academic and resource support.
  • Action research & experimentation.

In order to activate the DIET to discharge the above mentioned functions, physical facilities (such as building, etc.) instructional materials, aids and equipments, competent and qualified teacher educators, autonomy, training to the personnel and financial grants are provided to D.I.E.Ts by the Government of India through the State Government.

To carry out its various roles, there are Five (5) branches, each carrying out their own areas of work. Likewise, in D.I.E.T, Nongpoh as well, five branches have been placed and these are:

 1 Pre-Service Teacher  Education Shri. E. Synrem
Shri. O. Rapsang
Smt. R. Kynta
Shri W.L. Nonglait
 2 Teacher Professional Development Ms.Thirbhalin Syngkon
Smt.Rashmi Mary Laloo
Smt. Synshar Shullai
 3 Assessment and Evaluation Smt.Daritimai Lyngskor
Ms.Elgiva Suchiang
Smt.Hyalynedia Marbaniang
 4 Field Interaction and Action Research Smt.Medarishisha Diengdoh
Smt.Kyntiew Akor Suchiang
Shri. Dawadhok C Shangpliang
 5 Educational Technology and Material Development Shri. Banphiralang Nongrum
Shri. Satiram Bamon
Shri. Gareth Barrydolf Laitthma

Programmes Scheme Conducted by District Institute of Education and Training, Nongpoh :

1. Regular two years pre-service teacher training programme:

D.I.E.T, Nongpoh has been conducting two years Diploma course for elementary teachers since the academic session 2003. The curriculum for the Diploma course has been developed and provided by the Directorate of Educational Research and Training.

2. Short term training programmes under centrally sponsored schemes:

Besides the regular two years pre-service programme, D.I.E.T, Nongpoh has organized a number of short term training programmes, workshops, development of teaching learning materials and other SSA programmes. It has conducted various programmes for the Heads of schools, In-service Teachers, BRPs, CRPs, Pre-Primary Teachers, etc. D.I.E.T, Nongpoh has also conducted training programmes under SSA- where in-service elementary teachers as well as newly recruited teachers have been trained in previous years.

3. Other Programmes (Field interactions, extension programmes, research, development of materials, etc.):

DIETs are to maintain the closest possible contact with the field to identify practical problems being faced up in the field and to devise ways of tackling them, to obtain information about worth-while experiences and to provide academic guidance and resource support to the field. Extension programmes include dissemination of all information and knowledge, relating to New Policy decisions, initiatives, interventions, etc. for effective implementations among educational workers, teachers, villagers, etc. or any other matters of professional interests to the teachers. D.I.E.T, Nongpoh is also involved in research and survey works in the district.

4. Co-Curricular Activities:

Every year, a variety of co-curricular activities are organized for the student teachers. So, in spite of the busy academic schedule throughout the year, the lecturers and the teacher trainees are also engaged in various activities where they can showcase their talents and also have a good time at it.

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Functions of DIET